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Financia tu proyecto has KML files, ICS (Icarendar) and RSS so you can use them from external applications and follow all available and updated projects in real time. Simply copy the link you need to obtain the projects of a certain category or place existing on the platform.

 By category

  • Humanities and sociocultural
  • Law & justice (general)
  • Medical and health (general)
  • Other (general)
  • Personal growth (general)
  • Science (general)
  • Sport and leisure (general)

KML files can be read by Google Maps or Google Earth and compatible programs. They show on a map the location where the collaborative projects of Financia tu proyecto are located.

ICS (Icarendar) files can be imported from almost any schedule or calendar application. In this way, you will see the projects of Financia tu proyecto as future appointments on your agenda and you can plan your collaborations in a more intuitive way.

RSS is a content distribution system that will allow you to read news from various websites, including Financia tu proyecto projects. In this way you will be up to date with the news of your favorite sites and the projects of Financia tu proyecto from the same application.